Parker Bites

So meet my youngest son Parker. This kid is hilarious. I’m still trying to figure out where he came from –bottom of the gene pool maybe. He definitely keeps our family laughing. I could probably write a book about him and the things he says. On my blog I will be sharing some of the outrageous, funny things he says. Parker is in second grade and ever since kindergarten he has been been trying to get his best friend Sam and a girl named Sloan together. He tries to teach Sam about the “things he should be doing” to get Sloan to like him. Parker told Sam one day; “Sam, you have so much to learn.” Parker is completely honest and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. One day while at Sam’s house he said to Sam’s dad, “Vern, you have a gi-normous tummy.” If you ever want to know the truth about something, just ask Parker.