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Schaum Torte

Schaum Torte

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  • 8 egg whites
  • 1 tsp. vinegar
  • 1/2 tsp. cream of tarter
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 pint whipping cream
  • 1/3 cup sugar (or more if you like it a little sweeter)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • Fresh strawberries (sliced (I probably use about 3 cups per torte, the more the better, I think))


  1. In the bowl of an electric mixer, using whisk attachment, beat egg whites, vinegar and cream of tarter until very stiff. With mixer going, slowly add 2 cups of sugar and continue beating until glossy, soft peaks form.
  2. Divide into two 9-inch buttered pie plates.
  3. Bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes and the reduce heat to 250 degrees and cook for 40 more minutes or until shells turn a light, golden color.
  4. Turn oven off and allow meringue shells to cool several hours in the oven.
  5. Beat whipping cream and add sugar and vanilla to taste.
  6. Break off top pieces of meringue shell, if desired then fill the shells with the whipped cream between both shells and spread evenly.
  7. Top with lots and lots of fresh strawberries.


As the shells bake, they usually puff up a little bit. You can break off pieces from the top and then fill the shell with the whipped cream, top with strawberries and then place the meringue pieces on top. If the shells didn’t raise enough to break off pieces, you can certainly just pile the whip cream in the pie plate without breaking off meringue pieces.

I did cook my shell a little longer than normal so it’s a little darker than usual. So if yours isn’t this color after baking it, don’t panic. If you like a crispier shell, you certainly can cook it a bit longer until it gets this color. I like it either way.

  • Category: Desserts